moulded adapt

Adapter coil 4.5Mt 15 pin to 2×7 pin 24V TPE plugs. ISO wiring.

Part No: EA7045C

Dynaflex adapter coils are extremely durable with oil and fuel resistant Polyurethane sheathing, giving extremely good recoil and cold weather flexibility.

The coil is fitted with 2 moulded 7 pin plugs, (N type ISO 1185, S type ISO 3731) and 1 plastic 15 pin plug to ISO 12098.

The wiring diagram is shown below, there are 9 wired contacts to ISO 12098.



  • Specifications

Specification:   EA7045C

Cable:  6×1+1×1.5mm²         Sheath:  Polyurethane

Turns:  42          Working length:  4.5Mt

Plugs:   Mouldedl N & S         Plastic 15 pin.     Screw terminals.